A Roving Medieval Banquet example pricing.

For the event we would supply 4 actors as various entertaining characters. Wenches, knights, jester etc.
PA system, General Medieval Background music, Medieval Dance music, Medieval songs and dance.

Various scenes take place throughout:
Medieval fun songs Robin Hood etc, Medieval dance, Guests put in the stocks, Throning a lord and lady, rivalry between groups and more.
We will supply linking speeches throughout
Approx 10 Shields, 10 Banners, 10 Helmets for decoration.
Stocks , Throne

as a guide prices start from £950 plus VAT and Travel for the above..


You may add:

Costumes as per the website are £12 each to hire on the night,   however these must be pre booked with a minimum of   20.

Food is available at a cost of £16 for a 2 course and then £6 per course thereafter up to 7 courses.

Drinks inclusive. Beers, wines, soft drinks and breezers can also be included at a cost of £18 per head. minimum of 50 people.